Why I'm Closing Down My Studio

Why I'm Closing Down My Studio

Before you jump to conclusions, take a deep breath – I've got something really big to share, and it's as bold as the designs that define my brand.

The rumors are true. I'm closing down my Fort Lauderdale studio.

The studio where...

- I sewed 3 Collections:

Paris Fashion Week, Miami Swim and FLIBS 

- The place with the beautiful morning sunlight

- The place where I've ironed, cut, and sewn hundreds of meters of fabric

- The place where I've laughed, cried, made content, and wondered if it would all work out...

Before the panic sets in...

Let me assure you that this is no surrender. It's a strategic move, a calculated disruption.

As I evolve as a fashion designer and businesswoman, I'm shaking up my strategy.

This means a whole lot more focus on what truly matters – the essence of my designs. This isn't about walking away; it's about stepping into a new realm of creativity and innovation.

I'm hitting pause on Direct-to-Consumer operations, my friends. Instead, I'm diving into the exclusive world of boutiques. Boutiques that resonate with the spirit of my brand. Quality and ethical manufacturing still remains non-negotiable.

Now, here's the plot twist you didn't see coming – my brand is making waves at Hughes Uptown in Victoria, BC, starting March. But that's just the beginning. Paris, get ready, because I'm bringing my collection "Summer on the Seine" to the City of Love this Spring! 

And the cherry on top? I'm on the lookout for stateside representation. If you or someone you know owns a boutique eager to host my designs, let's talk! Slide into my inbox at sales@randibarry.com.

This is more than a closure; it's a revelation. It's a break from the ordinary to embrace the extraordinary. Buckle up, my fashion-forward friends, because the ride just got even more exciting.

Until January 31st, you can still snag my designs online at www.randibarry.com. The virtual doors are wide open for a limited time only so make sure to snag your FREE US Shipping now!

Thank-you so much for your unwavering support and I can't wait to show you what comes next!

A la prochaine

Xx Randi

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