Paris Fashion Week SS24 "Summer on the Seine" Collection at La Galerie Bourbon

Paris Fashion Week SS24 "Summer on the Seine" Collection at La Galerie Bourbon

PARIS, FRANCE — Fashion designer Randi Barry is set to unveil her latest collection, "Summer on the Seine," at La Galerie Bourbon, 79bis Avenue Marceau, on October 1, 2023 at 1pm CET

Inspired by her maritime background and her fashion studies in Paris, France, this collection is a harmonious blend of style and identity, epitomizing the essence of Paris in summer.

A highlight of the collection is the debut of the "toile de sea" ensemble, a masterpiece that pays homage to the rich history of French textiles. Drawing inspiration from the iconic "toile de Jouy," a renowned fabric known for its intricate pastoral motifs and historical significance, Randi Barry infuses this classic French style with a modern twist.

The "toile de sea" ensemble captures the essence of coastal beauty and maritime culture, seamlessly blending Randi Barry's maritime roots with her experiences in the fashion capital of the world, Paris. It is a nod to the enduring elegance and artistic legacy of "toile de Jouy," while also celebrating the fusion of fashion and culture that Paris represents.

La Galerie Bourbon, renowned for its commitment to artistic excellence, provides the perfect backdrop for this extraordinary runway show, which pushes the boundaries of fashion expression.

Randi Barry invites fashion enthusiasts, industry insiders, and the public to celebrate this momentous occasion and experience the contemporary reinterpretation of a classic French textile tradition.

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